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Steamed Desserts

Introduction to Steaming Dessert

It is surprising how many desserts can be prepared by steaming. From steamed pudding to cakes, to creme brulee and fresh fruit kabobs, steaming is definitely the best method to have all these. To add more flavour, serve with cream or yughort, wine sauce or custard. Preparation is very simple, some desserts can be prepared ahead and refrigerated is required then hola! you can have delightful desserts in just few minutes.

Dessert Recipes

Steamed Pears and Honey
Steamer Sponge Cake
Cream Caramel
Pears and Chocolate Sauce
Chinese Lemon Date and Walnut Cake
Grand Marnier Creme Caramels
Hot Mocha and Brandied Raisin Souflle


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