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Steaming Chicken

Introduction to Steaming Poultry

Steaming is the best method to cook fresh cut chicken. The gentle moist from the simmering liquid retains the flavour and tenderness of chicken. Some recipes require overnight marinating to allow the seasoning and flavouring to soothes. Seasoning such as herbs and spices should be added to the water to enhance the distinctive taste of chicken. Cooking time may vary, but it is important to allow the steam to circulate freely. Avoid removing the cover to the pot during the cooking process because this will allow the steam to escape resulting to extended cooking times.

Poultry Recipes

Food Steamer Jerk Chicken and Pepper Sauce
Steamed Chinese Chicken with Mushrooms
Steamed Chicken and Asparagus
Blue Castello and Avocado Chicken
Chicken Balls on Rosemary Sprigs
Chicken,Spinach and Ginger Dumplings
Chicken with Apricot and Almond Couscous Stuffing
Chili-chicken Dumplings
Marsala and Mango Chicken


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